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Learn how the Model One Digital Projector is revolutionizing exhibition, entertainment, education and more.

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Professional exhibition without the professional price tag.
True independence for independent cinemas.
The Model One allows independent theaters to be truly free: free from debt, free from contracts, free from "virtual print fees", free from complicated supply chains, free from expensive replacement lamps and free from dependence on outside technology vendors. There is no fine print here. You didn't become an independent exhibitor only to be controlled by other companies. With the impending obsolescence of celluloid prints you're facing the first forced conversion in the history of Hollywood. With The Model One, you'll still belong to you.

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A home theater powerhouse.
The ultimate solution for home theater enthusiasts.
We know who you are.
You've been dying to build a home theater and you're not willing to settle for some wimpy 2,000 lumen projector. You want an image so bright you need sunglasses. You want an image so big you need to knock out a wall.

Never fear, The Model One is here! You'll spend more time and money on couches and curtains than you will on The Model One. Whether you're a cineaste, a hard-core gamer or a sports fan The Model One is your solution.
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The first choice of film festivals.
Set up, screen films & tear down with ease.
You're screening 120 films in five venues for three days. With a volunteer staff. And 120 filmmakers who all want a technical rehearsal. We feel your pain.

The Model One will bring sanity to your life. Set up The Model One in minutes, play multiple formats with ease, design a playlist, add an extra screening, wirelessly send your files from one theater to another and project remote Q&A's with the cast and crew…all for what you used to spend on your annual rental bill. And when the festival is over guess who gets to take The Model One home?

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On the road again.
Independent filmmakers,
control your own distribution.
If you're an independent filmmaker then The Model One places professional exhibition into your hands and allows you to walk your own path. With The Model One you've never been more independent. You've been able to make movies on your own for a decade. Isn't it time you had the ability to exhibit them? Pack up the van and load The Model One…it's time for your first theatrical road show!

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From garage to arena.
Big stage shows, small tour budgets.
Take your show from the rehearsal space to the stage and blow away the crowd just like the big boys.

Beat-synced, vibrant visuals. Preset video playlists. Live camera feeds from the stage. Lyrics for audience sing-alongs. All remotely-controllable from the stage using the controller and software of your choice. The Model One is the perfect companion for live music of all kinds, in venues of all sizes.

And hey, while the Model One is at the gig, why not plug an audio interface into the usb port and remotely record that perfect live set for your next digital music release?

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An enterprising solution.
Office projection done right.
From mixed light environments to powerpoint presentations, office projection is a series of complications and compromises…until now!

The Model One will perform just fine in a mixed light environment. Control the projector wirelessly from your laptop via wifi. Type, mouse or click with your favorite bluetooth device. The Model One brings efficiency and adaptability to your conference room.

The Model One is equally suited for large scale corporate events, such as keynote speeches or conventions.
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Small business, big picture.
New revenue streams for small business owners.
Coffee shops, restaurants, bars & hotels; if you're a small business looking for extra revenue The Model One just might be your answer!

Within minutes you can be ready to screen motion pictures, hold video game tournaments or project the big game as its never been seen before. Set up and tear down is a breeze. Never has so much power been so easy to use for such a low price.

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A bright idea in the classroom.
Innovation for education.
The Model One makes classroom projection easy and versatile. And the incredibly bright image makes it easier to project in a mixed-light environment. Students shouldn't have to choose between seeing the screen and seeing their own notes...and now they don't have to. And look for our upcoming accessories which will turn The Model One into an interactive whiteboard!

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Turn your stage into a silver screen.
Every theater can be a movie theater.

How many nights a week is your performing arts space dark? You've got seats, a stage and a speaker system. With the Model One you can transform your space into a movie theater! Screen indie films, live concerts, remote guest lectures or classic movies.

Your dark nights don't look so dark after all.
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Heavenly projection.
Spectacular multi-media for your house of worship.
Project song lyrics and slides while leaving your sanctuary's lights on. Wirelessly control mixed media and slide shows. Exhibit faith-based motion pictures with the same professional standards as your local movie theater. Display live video feeds with ease. The Model One is your solution for better, brighter multimedia projection.
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Buy The Model One direct from BryteWerks.
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The BryteWerks store
Pre-order your Model One now and receive our 3 year Protection Plan absolutely free.
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Need more info?
Check out the BryteWerks Knowledge Base, or view the Model One Tech Specs.
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Revolution in a box
The Model One is going to change everything. Find out how.
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