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Simplicity + Power = Revolution
The Model One defies conventional wisdom.
It's a professional-grade motion picture projector.
It contains massive computing power.
It's equally at home in a professional cinema and the home.
It's both easy to use and incredibly powerful.
You can't be defined by a single category…and neither can
The Model One.

This is how revolutions begin.
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An audio / video powerhouse
1080p+ | 7.1 Digital Audio | Onboard Blu-Ray
The stunning 1920X1200 resolution and onboard digital 7.1 audio allows you to exhibit movies the way they were meant to be seen:
BIG. With onboard Blu-ray its never been easier to play the world's best disc-based format. By tightly integrating these features exhibition professionals finally have an easy, effortless, portable way to show motion pictures professionally. Smooth, seamless and inexpensive projection has never been easier for film festivals, independent movie theaters, multiplexes…or the home theater enthusiast.
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Powerful computing inside
Four CPU options to fit your specific needs
Whether you're a home theater enthusiast or a post-production professional The Model One has you covered. You choose which onboard computer fits your needs: from a simple htpc to a robust editing & color-grading powerhouse and everything in between. While other companies focus on underpowered system-on-a-chip designs which require compromises in storage, speed and processing The Model One gives you what you need; a full-fledged computer capable of doing whatever you can dream.
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The world's best media center software
XBMC makes controlling media effortless. Its clean, intuitive design makes it easy for you to import, assemble and playback your media files. Because it's open-source and has a robust community of users and creators the software is constantly growing and can be configured however you desire. With nearly a decade of development it is stable, reliable and mature. It is a cross-platform media player with remote control apps available for both Android and iOS devices. Professional playback of media has never been easier.
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Touch panel control
Powerful controls
for professional projectionists
The 720p, 8.9 inch touch panel display has been specifically designed with the professional projectionist in mind. No more hunting in the dark. No more gripping a flashlight between your teeth. The Model One's illuminated display makes it effortless to operate the projector after the theater's lights are out. And for the first time ever you can work non-linearly; assemble a new playlist or push media files to another projector during the feature presentation. Calibrating a movie has never been easier; you choose whether calibration tools should appear on the main screen or only on the back panel touch screen. And because the cables have already been properly tucked away there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to get in your way.

The Model One is the projectionist's dream machine.
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A wealth of innovation

Game-changing features for a revolutionary device

Ultra-High Brightness
Mag-Snap™ Feet
Superior Optics
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Whether you choose the 6,000 lumens (700 watt) standard system or the 11,000 lumens (1,200 watt upgrade) The Model One is the brightest projector in its class. At long last, a digital projector's brightness is simply a feature, not the product.
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Magnetically-removable feet allow The Model One to hide your power & data cables effortlessly. They also serve as a modular interface that will connect seamlessly with future components made by BryteWerks as well as authorized third parties.
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Our ultra-wide 102mm adjustable prime lens transmits more light with less distortion than digital motion picture projectors that rely on tiny, commodity zoom lenses. See movies as they were meant to be seen: sharp, bright and distortion free.
1000:1 True Contrast™ Ratio
Sleek Construction
1:1 Lens Throw Ratio
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While other digital projectors make ridiculous contrast claims built on false metrics The Model One's contrast ratio is built on accuracy. Experience stunning contrast that exceeds that of human vision. Anything else is just a marketing gimmick.
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The stunning aluminum case transforms The Model One from a workhorse into a work of art. Every detail has been lovingly thought through. Strong, sophisticated and smooth, The Model One is more than a projector…it's the main attraction.
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Whether you use Metric or US Customary, the struggle to convert projector distance into screen size is over. Place The Model One ten feet from the screen and you have a ten foot image. A nineteen meter distance is a nineteen meter image.
Open Source Lamp
WiFi, Bluetooth & RF
Airheart™ Cooling System
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The greatest long-tail expense for a projector is its bulbs. Other projectors re-engineer the interface, forcing you to buy overpriced sockets. With The Model One you'll never pay for frivolous patents again. Replacement bulbs are finally affordable!
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With a wide range of wireless interfaces, The Model One gives you the control you need. Operate the projector with an existing smart phone, wireless keyboard or bluetooth mouse. And line-of-sight issues are eliminated with the RF controller.
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Airflow is critical to both projectors & computers. Discreet walls & isolated fans pump large volumes of air through The Model One's four chambers. Our vertical encasement allows heat to rise, keeping computer & optical components cooler.
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Buy The Model One direct from BryteWerks.
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The BryteWerks store
Pre-order your Model One now and receive our 3 year Protection Plan absolutely free.
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Need more info?
Check out the BryteWerks Knowledge Base, or view the Model One Tech Specs.
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Revolution in a box
The Model One is going to change everything. Find out how.
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The Model One is proudly designed & assembled in the United States.

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