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  • BryteWerks - General Company Questions [+]
    • Who are you? [+]
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      We are BryteWerks, LLC. We are a subsidiary of Humble Magi, LLC.
    • What do you do? [+]

      BryteWerks, LLC's focus is on the design, manufacturing and distribution of The Model One, a universal intelligent digital projector that makes professional exhibition accessible to everyone. We also create accessories and additional mission-critical products for the theatrical exhibition industry. We examine calcified industries and design products to make the status quo gnash their teeth and rend their garments.
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    • What is your corporate mission? What do you value? [+]

      Yes, Virginia, some companies can have a mission and possess values. Please go the About Us page to read about our corporate mission and company culture.
  • The Model One - General Questions [+]
    • I'm still struggling with how to position The Model One. Is it for home theater enthusiasts or exhibition professionals? [+]

      The simple answer is that we make professional gear at a home enthusiast's price. 

      The more complicated answer is…more complicated. Could you install one of our projectors into a movie theater and charge admission? Absolutely. Are our products reasonably priced for home theater enthusiasts? That's true as well. Despite people's desire to force us into an existing market category or figure out how we fit into an old paradigm we think the best way you, the customer, can understand us is to question how technology evolves.

      Early stage technology is almost universally expensive. It often comes from inventors pushing the envelope of what manufacturing facilities can do. Usually, it scales poorly and requires tremendous quality control. It lacks established procedures and is more difficult to budget. In short, great ideas enter a world not quite ready for them…which makes the results of these great ideas expensive.

      As the industry becomes profitable, other innovators enter the marketplace and find a way to mimic the results. These second-generation companies often focus on a compromise: lower priced goods of acceptable (but lower) quality. The collective industry may be serving a similar function, but after several product cycles they each find their way to servicing a specific, specialized niche in the overall market. The result is a highly stratified industry. This is where most economists shut off their brains and define an industry as mature.

      However, most technologies eventually become commoditized. Patents expire.  Component technologies become less expensive to manufacture. Other (seemingly) unrelated technologies evolve and become useful. The final result should be the destruction of stratified categories. A customer should no longer have to differentiate between "consumer," "prosumer" and "professional" gear. There should simply be well made and not well made. However, this is usually when the original innovators die off and the corporate suits take over…and they work very, very hard to interfere with the natural progression of an industry. They're motivated solely by money…and that desire tends to corrupt the entire process.

      This is when an industry needs a good, swift kick in the buttocks. Someone needs to come along and prove what was staring everyone in the face (particularly the so-called industry experts who spend too much of their time on the golf course and not enough of their time learning what actually made their business a business.)

      An excellent, well known and recent case study is the iPod. Before the iPod there were numerous ways to play audio and the "audio playback industry" was highly stratified. A teenager could play portable music on a Walkman (many of our Gen X staff members were rockin' the Walkman on the way to the mall, dude.) That same device wasn't suitable for a professional DJ to spin tracks in a high-end nightclub. It certainly wasn't possible to transport professional-grade audio files to a recording studio. It was a highly specialized product in a highly stratified industry; the audio playback business. From boom boxes to high-end home stereos there were hundreds of ways for people to play music. And then came the first-generation MP3 players (which sucked so hard you pity the VC's who invested cash into those lame-tastic excuses for consumer electronics products.) And then came the iPod. It straddled all categories simultaneously, simplified the playback-side of the music industry and became a device that was and is used by everyone. DJ's use them. Famous rockstars use them. Soccer moms use them. Elementary school students use them. You probably don't own a stereo anymore…you abandoned it years ago and replaced it with speakers for…wait for it…your iPod. The same one that works in your car, your office, your shower and is strapped to your arm when you go jogging. And your iPod isn't any different than Bono's iPod. No one questions that an iPod is an iPod is an iPod. No one asks "is it a device for consumers or professionals? Which category does it fit into? If it is well made, why doesn't it cost more? If it is meant for consumers, why isn't it less expensive?" It just is.

      And the iPod is just one of the sexier examples. The disposable safety razor, Model T, electric guitar, personal computer, personal fax machine and digital camera are all products that disrupted established, calcified, highly stratified industries absolutely certain that not only was disruption unnecessary…it was impossible. We suggest reading more about the nature of disruptive technologies here.

      History is a bitch, folks. We think it's time for another spin around this very old merry-go-round. We believe the cinema exhibition technology is ready for disruption…and the stratified projector industry is ready to be flattened like a pancake.

      The point of this is to explain where we, BryteWerks, fit into how you see the world. We believe The Model One is both a professional and consumer product. And, as a company, we fit into only one set of boxes; the ones we design for our products. We don't believe in existing product categories because, at this stage, they are built on industry inertia more than well-reasoned knowledge. If you're a home theater enthusiast and you feel our prices are too high, take a look at our features. Does anything else in the market do anything like what we do? If you're a professional who has been sold on the claim that there is a fundamental difference between 2K resolution and 1080p, have you taken the time to compare the two standards? Are you really going to allow a Hollywood-created consortium, the DCI, tell you that a highly compressed format (DCP, which is nothing but lossy and arcane JPEG 2000) is somehow special and 2K is sacrosanct? Don't you find it odd that 1080p and 2K are nearly identical and yet the price differential is stunningly vast? Is it really worth your company's future to pay 1000% more for 5% additional resolution? And isn't it time you questioned the outlay of 200 grand for a projector that has zero smart features and weighs 200 pounds?

      If you're struggling to figure out where we fit…stop. We. don't. fit.
    • You're a boutique manufacturer. How do i know you can build a quality product? [+]

      Study our website thoroughly. Meet us on the road as we take our products to cities across America. Read what our growing fans have to say about the stunning fit and finish of our products. Just look at The Model One; it is beautiful. And hey, when you turn The Model One on its voice has been provided by Michael Wincott. Seriously, we watch Talk Radio, Dead Man, The Crow and Basquiat  back to back and then pinch ourselves. All movie projectors should have the voices of great thespians, don't you think?

      We've spent a considerable amount of time designing The Model One. Our engineering team includes seasoned engineers from top companies throughout America. Our lead designer (and president) was a projectionist who became a filmmaker and toured 46 film festivals across the globe…and studied the failures and frustrations of (so-called) professional projectors in venues ranging from massive multiplexes in San Diego, California to government-backed cultural centers in Oaxaca, Mexico. Our lead engineer ran a home projector company for nearly 6 years and personally built 550 DIY digital projectors for customers across the planet. We know projectors very, very well.
    • The Model One contains features i don't value or can't use. Do you plan on releasing a version without those features?

      Quite frankly, if you want a product without a built-in computer or question the value of our touch panel interface, we're probably not the right company for you. What you want already exists or you want an incrementally better version of what someone else sells. That's not us. We see this relationship a bit like dating; we're glad you thought we were pretty and we'll be okay now that you've decided we're not your soul mate. It's okay. If you love someone, set them free.

      However, don't confuse your rejection of our features as proof we don't know what we're doing. We know exactly what we built and why we built it. We designed an "anything box" that can be used by a home theater enthusiast, a film festival organizer, an independent filmmaker doing their first independent theatrical roadshow, or a movie theater projectionist who no longer is given the time necessary to properly prepare a motion picture for exhibition but has a boss who expects and demands perfection.

      The Model One can spend five days a week in your living room and be unplugged in under five minutes, placed in the backseat of your car, driven to…anywhere...and set up for professional exhibition in under ten minutes. You'll spend more time setting up the chairs and screen than you will spend on setting up your Model One. And with an aluminum case, it is a thing of beauty.

      We know we have much to prove but we hope the following logic makes sense. No one spends this amount of time designing a paradigm-shifting motion picture projector and then builds slipshod junk. In fact, we're dedicated to only growing in lock-step with our ability to craft beautiful projectors. We're not looking to be the world's biggest motion picture projector company…just the best.
    • So am i paying for all those extra features? [+]

      Not really. Look at our price; we're the least expensive high-lumen, professional-grade projector on the market. Think of the extra features like a Swiss army knife: maybe you don't value the scissors…that doesn't mean the knife, compass, and toothpick should also be dismissed.

      Compare our features to your typical 10 grand projector. Or 20 grand. Or 30 grand. or 200 grand projector. Do they have computers? Can you speak to them via wifi? They take their job quite literally: they are projectors and nothing else. We've packed so many features into The Model One for about the same price as a big screen television.

      But if that doesn't convince you consider this. Do you own a Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman's Multi-tool? Do you feel cheated if you don't use EVERY tool on the knife? Probably not. The same applies here. If you choose to put The Model One in your home and never ever use the touch panel on its back…who cares? It's there for those who need it…and it can be ignored by those who don't.
    • Does the model one come with a manual? [+]

      Yes. It is cool. Trust us. It will be available on the BryteWerks Customer Support Page after The Model One has shipped to BryteWerks' first wave of customers. Please check back soon, or sign up to the BryteWerks mailing list below to be notified.
  • The Model One - Purchasing Questions [+]
    • Is The Model One available for purchase or pre-order? [+]
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      Unfortunately, at this time we've closed pre-orders for The Model One and are now busy building projectors for our first wave of customers from countries and companies that span the globe.

    • Can i cancel my pre-order? [+]

      Yes, you can cancel your Pre-Order at any time before we ship your Model One. Please remember however, that we are a boutique, on demand manufacturer. So if you cancel before we begin making your Model One, we'll return your payment minus a 20% cancellation fee. If you cancel once we’ve started making your Model One, but before we ship, we’ll return your payment minus a 50% cancellation fee.
    • Can i return the model one after it ships? [+]

      Unfortunately, no. At this point in time we are unable to process returns. As a boutique manufacture, we don't have a storage facility, nor do we have any easy way to resell refurbished items. We hope that as we grow, we can revisit this policy in the future.
    • What payment options are available to me? [+]

      At this time we are processing payments via Paypal. Our checkout process will direct you to the Paypal website so you can login to your Paypal account to complete your purchase, or to sign up with Paypal if you don't have an account. It's free and easy. Paypal allows you to pay via your checking account or you can fund the Paypal purchase Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover cards.
    • Do you have a financing option? [+]

      As a boutique manufacturer, we don't have this option yet. We realize it is an inconvenience. As we grow, we intend to resolve this.
    • Do you sell accessories (such as ceiling mounts or pedestals) for The Model One? [+]
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      Will will! We'll soon be carrying pedestals, wall & ceiling mounts. We're partnering with companies that can customize these items to match your existing decor. Check the BryteWerks store soon!
  • The Model One - Warranty & Protection Plan Questions [+]
    • Does The Model One have a warranty and what does it cover? [+]

      Yes, they do. The Model One ships with a one-year warranty. Please read our warranty information here. A three-year protection pain is available as well, and all customers ordering a Model One during our initial run of 500 units will receive this Protection Plan (a $299 value) absolutely free!
    • Can i purchase an extended warranty later? [+]

      We offer an extended warranty at the time of purchase only.
    • Can I return The Model One after it ships? [+]

      Absolutely! If you choose to sell or give away your Model One, you can also transfer the ownership of your remaining warranty and Protection Plan. Please see the Protection Plan's Terms & Conditions for complete details.
    • Who pays for the shipping of an item that needs to be repaired or replaced during its warranty or protection plan window? [+]

      The customer will need to pay for the cost of shipping.
    • Can i drive to you and drop off or pick up my product for repair or replacement? [+]

      We are a boutique company and do not have a physical drop off location at this time.
    • Are lightbulbs covered in your warranty or protection plan? [+]

      No, they are not covered in our warranty or protection plan. Lamps have a limited life expectancy that varies between manufacturers. We don't manufacture them and therefore have no control over the process. It's a bit like asking if a car's warranty covers the tires. Somethings, even in a bumper-to-bumper warranty, wear out from use and need to be replaced.

      We understand if this frustrates you. We wish we had control over the lamp manufacturing process. If you find any of our executive staff hanging out in a bar, we'll happily buy you a beer and talk your ear off about how the light bulb industry cheeses us off.

      For more information about bulbs, please go please go here to learn about metal-halide lamps.
    • What maintenance am i expected to do for my Model One? [+]

      We recommend dusting The Model One's top chamber with compressed air every two weeks or after every 20 hours of use. Like any good projector it sucks a tremendous volume of air and we live in a dusty world (in fact, if you aren't doing this with your other consumer electronics what is WRONG with you?) You'll need to change the light bulb from time to time. We also suggest that The Model One should be plugged into a high quality surge protector to protect the device from voltage spikes.

      In addition, there is simple common sense: this is a professional-grade device that contains sophisticated electronics & mechanical components. It consumes electricity, outputs heat through its fans and needs airflow at its base to properly circulate air. It has an aluminum case which acts as a heat sink so be careful about touching it with your bare hands until it has fully cooled down.

      Treated with respect it will last for many years and perform admirably. Abuse or neglect may invalidate your warranty or protection plan.
    • Will modifying a brytewerks product void the warranty? [+]

      Yes. But understand, we don't think this is the end of the world…and if you're a serious DIYer then you probably don't either. We warranty the product we built and shipped to you. If you want to modify it (and we truly hope you do something amazing), we hope you understand it is no longer the product we designed. You may consider the modification a minor one, you might be extremely good at what you do and it might annoy the hell out of you that something went wrong and you're absolutely certain it wasn't due to your modifications.

      We hope you understand our position. Once you buy a product we do not have the right to tell you what to do with our product. Big corporations ignore this fact and hope you don't know your rights. We see things differently. You bought it. Our invention is now your property. But, the warranty isn't…the warranty is our compact with you. It is our promise that the product we designed will perform exactly as promised.

      We hope to see you at a maker fair with a seriously badass monster of a mod. Go nuts. Our president will take a photo with you. If your work is really cool and you have some amazing ideas, we might hire you! But, there is a reason Maker culture's #1 motto is "Void Your Warranty."
  • The Model One - Lamp Questions [+]
    • What kind of lamps does The Model One use? [+]
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      The current generation of The Model One uses standard cinema metal halide lamps. The 700 watt version is intended for home use. The 1,200 watt upgrade is suggested for professional environments.

      This was a deliberate choice. The entire projector industry is built around the illusion that a different wattage bulb necessitates the purchase of an entirely different projector at a much higher price point. What poppycock. It's bunk…balderdash…baloney! If your computer needs more RAM, do you get a new computer or simply upgrade the RAM?

    • I heard that metal halide lamps require 5-10 minutes to re-strike. is that true? [+]

      The metal halides we ship with the Model One (and will later stock as replacement bulbs) are all hot-re-strikeable. There are less expensive bulbs on the market that require a 5-10 minute cool down period before re-striking.
    • I heard that metal halides can explode. is that true? [+]

      This is extraordinarily rare. According to Wikipedia and NEMA ( there are approximately 40 million metal halide systems in North America and only a handful of non-passive failures occur each year. Well over 99.9% of all metal halide bulbs simply "go out" passively. The Model One's ballast detects the "cycling" common as a bulb nears the end of its life and will deliberately fail to give the bulb power, forcing you to replace it.

      Despite the incredibly low non-passive failure rate The Model One's metal halide is placed inside the projector's light engine, a metal box with glass lens. This light engine is in an isolated metal chamber. These two layers of safety ensure an incredibly high level of safety.

      Our company's president operated a metal halide projection system as a young man in Portland, Oregon. He never encountered a single problem nor did he meet anyone who ever encountered a non-passive failure. Metal halides have been used for over half a century in projectors throughout the world and for good reason; they deliver the brightest image with excellent color rendition with the greatest electrical efficiency on the market.

      For more information please read the wikipedia page regarding metal halide lamps.
    • You use the words bulb, lamp, light & lightbulb: is there any significance to the different terms? [+]

      These are interchangeable terms and all mean the same thing: the light bulb in your Model One, which will need to be replaced periodically.
    • Why do you only offer two wattages of lamps? [+]

      These two wattages allow the projector to be used in almost any setting, both personal and professional. We believe the scenarios that would require a brighter projector are less than 1%.
    • May I return a 700 watt model one and have it upgraded into a 1,200 watt version? [+]

      Not at this time. We'd like to do this for you but it involves several key decisions during the manufacturing process. We can make these choices with ease before we make your Model One. Afterwards it is much more difficult.

      However, after the warranty expires we think you should mod the hell out of these suckers. These are sexy beasts; as long as you don't mind voiding our warranty you can do a tremendous amount of modifications to The Model One
    • Are replacement lamps expensive? [+]
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      The Model One's replacement bulbs cost are a fraction of our competitors. In fact, this was one of our primary reasons in choosing our lamps. We don't like how most projector owners are locked into purchasing proprietary replacement lamps at stunningly high prices. Most replacement lamps are built around the same technology we use, but the manufacturers re-engineer the housing or interface so they can lock customers into buying proprietary bulbs with vast margins. We certainly understand the attraction of the business model. However, we personally don't feel it is ethical. We also believe it prevents interoperability, kills innovation and treats customers who use non-sanctioned replacement items as criminals.

      Anyone can make a metal halide bulb. They are universal and ubiquitous, which drives their price point down. After the first Model Ones ship in May 2012 we will offer replacement bulbs with a marginal markup. We're perfectly happy if you choose to buy replacement bulbs from another vendor. We’re here to serve you and your needs.
    • Why don't you use a different type of lamp? [+]

      A decision should first begin with a question. The question we asked ourselves was "How do we massively increase the brightness of a projector while ensuring a low replacement cost to our customers?"

      There are many different technologies available. However, any proprietary technology protected by a consortium isn't low cost and doesn't serve the interest of consumers. Low-wattage bulbs are plentiful...and none produce the luminous flux we believe customers desire. There are young technologies available but they are far from stable and many of their marketing claims can be easily disproven in the lab. We'd rather offer a lamp that will truly last 1,000 hours than an expensive device that claims a longer lifespan only to disappoint customers when it burns out early.

      We love these particular lamps for many, many reasons. However, consider this: these are the exact same lamps that have been used in celluloid projectors for decades. If you've ever gone to a movie theater in the last fifty years, then you're already familiar with our metal halide bulbs.
    • I'm only interested in a low-wattage projector that doesn't output heat. why can't you offer me that option at a low price and with your same level of brightness? [+]

      To speak frankly, because no technology can do that...yet. You, the customer, need to determine what you truly value. If you want a low-wattage, low-heat, low-price projector, they exist. They can't achieve our luminous flux which means you'll be stuck with all the existing tradeoffs projection enthusiasts deal with: low light, short throw and contrast wash-out. There are new technologies that will be emerging within the next few months but their price point will be significantly higher than ours.

      Determine what you truly value and buy that product. It may not be us. If you want a $500.00 projector, we're never going to be your answer and we accept that. If you want something with "eco-mode" (which is code for let's under drive the bulb and sacrifice brightness for a really, really long life span) and have no desire to have professional quality exhibition, then we're not the company for you. We fully accept that you may disagree with some of our choices and therefore don't want to buy our products. That's the beauty of a diverse marketplace. You get to choose what is right for you.

      Do you care about brightness? Ease of use? Interoperability? Effortless replacement of lamps? A device equally at home in both personal and professional exhibition? Straight talk and no false metrics? A projector that is built for generations to come and isn't a disposable commodity? Then we're your answer.
    • Will you use a different type of lamp in the future? [+]

      Possibly. However, we might make many different choices in the future. We think it would be unwise to speculate on our future choices. All we can say is we ask ourselves a lot of questions starting with the most important: what do we value?

      Don't be surprised if we constantly make choices that are very different than the overall industry. Their values aren't ours and therefore we're already heading down a very different path.
  • The Model One - LCD Questions
    • What is LCD panel technology? [+]

      It's the same technology used in your flat-panel LCD monitor or television.
    • Is it the same thing as 3LCD? [+]

      No, it isn't. 3LCD is a patented technology controlled by a consortium. Learn more about 3LCD.
    • Why did you choose an lcd panel as your digital imaging source? [+]

      Our reasons are simple: LCD panels increase in resolution rapidly, are relatively inexpensive and are made by multiple vendors. We believe this is the least expensive way to provide professional 1080p, 2K and higher resolutions to the general public without conforming to the politics of a consortium-controlled technology.

      From an engineering standpoint, we enjoy working with a large (or small, depending upon your point of view), thin plane. This gives us numerous mechanical and optical engineering advantages.

      It is also a far more ubiquitous technology and that will result in lower prices for you, the customer. Where 3LCD, LCoS and DLP are exclusively used in digital projectors, LCD panel technology is used in multiple industries. This lowers prices even as innovation rises! This allows us to behave like a surfer; we can spot a wave off in the distance and get ready to ride it all the way into the beach. And trust us, LCD panels are poised for a massive acceleration. Or, in surfer lingo, they're bombin' and we're ready to shred, brah.
    • How do i learn more about lcd panel technology? [+]

      We suggest reading this Wikipedia entry.
  • The Model One - XBMC Questions [+]
    • What is XBMC? [+]
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      XBMC is a free and open-source cross-platform digital media hub/htpc software application. For more information we suggest reading the Wikipedia entry here.
    • Is your version of XBMC customized for your devices? [+]

      Yes! Our goal is to enhance XBMC's already amazing design so that it takes full advantage of our mechanical and optical engineering choices.
    • Is XBMX easy to use? [+]

      Incredibly so. Without any alteration, it is easy and intuitive. Many of the downloadable skins are elegant and beautiful. 
    • Where can i download the non-customized version of XBMC? [+]

      If you choose, you can download XBMC for your other computing devices here.
    • XBMC uses many different codecs. did you license all of them? [+]

      Every codec installed with your BryteWerks Model One and our customized version of XBMC has been properly licensed.
  • The Model One - Mounting & Configuration Questions [+]
    • How long does it take to set up The Model One? [+]

      The Model One can be set up in under one minute. Generally speaking, it is as simple as placing the projector at the appropriate distance from the screen, plugging in the power cable, plugging in any peripherals and swiping the screen. Fine tuning the projector's position or calibrating the image should take less than five minutes. Obviously, your experience with projectors and the complexity of your set up may alter this time frame. However, we've conducted extensive tests in real world settings while attending film festivals around the globe and we've found that most projectors take 5X - 10X longer to set up versus The Model One.

      Once The Model One is set up, turning the projector on takes only a few seconds
    • I want to mount the model one to my living room ceiling. am I supposed to get on a ladder to change Blu-rays? [+]

      Absolutely not. There are many other, more practical solutions. For example, you can snake some cables through your wall, buy an HDMI faceplate online and route a ground-level Blu-ray player (or additional components) through a short HDMI cable. The Model One is a flexible device with many ways to control it. You can conform The Model One to your needs. The needs of a film festival are not the needs of a home theater enthusiast. Where one person wants permanency and has no projection booth, someone else needs flexibility or has an isolated projection workspace operated by professionals.

      You can hook up your existing game consoles and multimedia devices via wifi, Bluetooth, HDMI, ethernet…or you can use the projector's back panel controls. We give you multiple options so that The Model One will be able to meet whatever your needs may be.

      If you are interested in purchasing a ceiling or wall mount please go to our accessories page here.
    • Can I mount it upside down? [+]

      Mounting the Model One upside down will void the projector's warranty. It's basic physics: hot air rises and cold air descends. Inverting the projector will force hot air into the lower, isolated chambers of the projector.
    • Can I mount it at an odd angle? [+]

      You can mount it at any angle up to 20 degrees without voiding the warranty.
    • Can I use it as a rear screen projector? [+]

    • Can I use it outdoors? [+]

      Absolutely! However, we do recommend protecting it from the elements to prevent damage and to prevent voiding your warranty.
    • Can I use it underwater? [+]

      No. The Model One is not waterproof. Sadly, someone actually sent us this question. We're still scratching our heads about this one. What the hell would someone be doing underwater with a projector?
    • What kind of surfaces can it illuminate? [+]

      The Model One can project onto anything you can think of. From outdoor advertising to professional cinemas to your living room…and anything in between…the Model One is stunningly versatile.
    • Can I mount it in an enclosed space? [+]

      Without proper ventilation The Model One will overheat. Besides, it's so damn pretty. Why do you want to hide it? It's not like those ugly projectors that look like the demonic offspring of a shopvac and industrial air compressor.
    • Can it replace my television? [+]

      Yes. In fact, it is designed to replace most of the components and devices in your home theater as well as simplify the setup for professional exhibition.
    • How do I calculate the image size it will produce? [+]

      That's easy. It has a 1:1 throw ratio. This works both in the American Imperial System as well as the global Metric System. If the projector is 10 feet from your screen, it will produce a 10 foot image. If the projector is 5 meters from a wall, it will produce a 5 meter image. You do not need a look-up chart. You don't need to do any conversions. 1 equals 1. It's that easy.
    • My company has proprietary software. can we use it to control The Model One? [+]

      The Model One ships with Windows 7 (soon to be upgraded to Windows 8 once available) as well as our customized version of XBMC. XBMC is an open source, python-based software application. Consult with your software engineers to see if they can write code for either of these environments.
    • Is it a master or slave device? [+]

      It is both. It is a full-fledged computer, so whatever you can do with a powerful PC you can do with The Model One. And, thank you for getting Depeche Mode stuck in our heads now.
    • Which do you recommend, WiFi or ethernet? [+]

      We don't know the nature of your configuration needs so we've included both. Wireless applications are for ergonomics and ease of use while wired connections are faster and more reliable. The rest is up to you.
    • Why don't you have an optical port? [+]

      TOSlink has a data cap of 1.5 megabytes per second and cannot support future technologies such as uncompressed 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 surround sound. Supporting legacy technologies, no matter how popular or ubiquitous, would force our company to design for the past rather than the future.

      If you are passionate about audio and prefer an uncompressed signal as well as the ability to play Dolby & DTS's upcoming uncompressed audio codecs, then we hope you'll agree with us: HDMI is a fatter pipe while TOSlink's low data rate means it cannot support these advances in audio technology.
    • So you have ethernet but not optical? what gives? [+]

      Ethernet is stunningly robust and we believe will last for decades. It is ubiquitous for a reason: it supports longer cable runs, is a robust, fat pipe and can power devices up to 100 watts. Personally, we wish more devices were designed around ethernet jacks. They rock.
    • There are 5.1 analog ports. does this mean The Model One can't do digital 5.1 or 7.1? [+]

      Absolutely not! If you want to decode digital 5.1 or 7.1, do so through an HDMI port. The analog audio ports allow you to hook up headphones, computer-oriented non-amplified 5.1 surround sound systems, self-powered/self-amplified speakers or anything that you may want. It may seem like a contradiction but our goal here is to support your existing speakers, one of the few legacy technologies we value.

      However, if you've bought a modern receiver then you're probably using HDMI already.
    • Can I use this for video gaming? [+]

      Absolutely! Hook up your gaming console wirelessly, with an HDMI cable or with an ethernet cable and you are good to go!
    • This weighs way more than the projector I have at work. why do you claim this is a portable projector? [+]

      We believe comparing The Model One to an office projector is misleading. This is a common mistake because of its price; despite having features that exceed $20,000.00 projectors many people are comparing it to their relatively inexpensive office and home theater projectors. Compare it to most professional-grade theatrical projectors and you'll find that we're a fraction of the weight, dissipate heat far better, and are far brighter…all for a fraction of the cost.
    • If the ports are in the foot how am i supposed to get my finger in there to hook up a cable? [+]

      The feet are magnetic and easily removed from the projector. Just prop a book under the corner, pop out the foot, hook up your cables and pop it back in. Trust us, the momentary inconvenience will be heavily outweighed by effortless cable management. No one enjoys staring at a rat's nest of cables.

      And you'll find our accessories are designed to interface with the foot. Our devices are designed with cable management in mind.
  • All-In-One Questions [+]
    • Isn't this just a fancy all-in-one device? [+]

      There is far more to The Model One than device integration. It takes a tremendous amount of work to make mechanical engineering this sleek and simple. We spent days debating about the nature of a foot. Thousands of hours were spent on designing every aspect of the device. We went to great lengths to fit this much power into an integrated 17" cube. 
    • I've seen many all-in-one devices fail and have no faith in the concept. What makes you different? [+]

      We've seen the same stunning failures you've seen. But, every great product in history is a testament to integration. What do you think the printing press is? And if that's reaching too far back in time consider this: the iPod, iPhone and iPad are each all-in-one devices. Every smartphone on the planet is a digital music player, a point-and-shoot camera, a computer, a video game system, a GPS device, a compass, and an e-book reader as well as a phone.

      We have found the skepticism of an All-In-One solution usually stems from the premise that projection is a sophisticated industry built upon a rational deployment of evolutionary technologies. It wasn't. The very premise is fundamentally flawed. Our president was a projectionist and has spent a thousand hours in projection booths. He became a projectionist just as the analog world was first integrating digital audio. And what he's seen is a Frankenstein's monster assembled from disparate pieces created by a mishmash of companies. We don't believe we're making a "TV with a DVD player built in." We're taking technologies that reside next to each other on a daily basis and integrating only the ones that can be melded seamlessly.

      Most failed All-In-Ones are dreamed up by the marketing department. They're the idiots who thought putting a record player in a car was a good idea. Seriously, that was all the rage in 1956. And we're certain there were plenty of smart engineers who thought it was a stupid idea in 1955. However, this example obfuscates the most successful All-In-One ever conceived: the car.

      We took the time to start from scratch. We questioned everything about how a digital projector should work. We've spent thousands of hours building fully functional prototypes…and then throwing them away so we could start from scratch again. The beauty, elegance, power and refinement built into The Model One will cause you to question why people ever endured so many different boxes connected together with so many damn wires in the first place.
  • Miscellaneous Questions [+]
    • Will you be releasing a 3D projector or are you working on 3D technology? [+]

      No. We have no interest in 3D projection. We understand if you disagree, but we believe 3D is a fad and defies human biology . The focus/convergence conundrum is so fundamental to artificial 3D imagery that it forces filmmakers to choose between a stupid, gee-whiz gimmick and the pace of editing images together. It interferes with the formation of short-term memory. It has nothing to do with quality storytelling. Please read this article from Walter Murch, one of the greatest editors in history and a co-inventor of surround sound to further understand our position.
    • How do I become a BryteWerks distributor? [+]

      If you're a company within the United States of America, you can contact us about carrying our product. However, we're not seeking American distribution partners at this time. We know the argument; that's how this industry operates. Unfortunately, the tools of the 21st century no longer make it necessary. If you have an incredibly compelling business argument, we'll hear it. However, please take into consideration what you see on this website; our virtual storefront allows us to connect with customers directly…at least within the US.

      If you're in another nation, have a thorough understanding of your nation's tariff and import laws and would like to become a distributor for your country, please contact us here.
    • I'm interested in purchasing a large number of projectors. do you offer a volume discount? [+]

      For orders of fifteen units or more during our pre-purchase window, please contact us here.

      For smaller allotments, we understand your desire for a volume discount. However, The Model One is already the least expensive professional-grade projector in the world. We understand that some of our competitors offer 10% off when buying in small volume but their starting price is $40,000.00. After their 10% discount you can still buy nearly ten to twenty of The Model One. We politely suggest our low price is better than anyone else's discount.
    • Do you offer educational discounts? [+]

      Not at this time. However, we hope you'll agree that our features dramatically exceed our price. If your school is in the market for a projector, you won't find anything with our features at our price point or higher.
    • I don't like the tone of your Knowledge Base. it seems smug. i don't find you funny at all. [+]

      We completely understand. Perhaps our attempt to inject some personality into a rather dry, monotonous document isn't your cup of tea. Please don't punch us in the face if you ever meet us in person. We'd still love to take you out for a beer. Semper fi.
    • What's your secret for cooking a chicken? [+]

      It's quite simple: thoroughly zest a lemon and put it inside the chicken's body cavity. Now place the lemon zest, fresh rosemary and thyme under the skin. Works like a charm.
    • I have a question and it isn't answered in this Knowledge Base. may i submit it? [+]

      Sure. But if it's full of tomfoolery we reserve the right to rap you across the knuckles with a hickory switch. Seriously, if your question is not answered here, please open a support ticket via BryteWerks' Support Desk.
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